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Hong Kong mobile network provider launches NFT marketplace

Hong Kong mobile network provider launches NFT marketplace

China Mobile Hong Kong, a leading mobile communication brand in Hong Kong, is launching its own NFT marketplace, LinkNFT. 

It will be Hong Kong’s first telecom-operated NFT marketplace. This launch coincides with the breakthrough of their comprehensive smart living mobile application, MyLink, which has acquired over seven million users.

LinkNFT will offer NFT minting services for businesses, facilitating digital asset creation, trade, and circulation through various scenarios such as SocialFi, DeFi, and GameFi. It will use a trio of cross-chain standards – web3 Center cross-chain service protocol, cross-chain adapter, and cross-chain smart contract – for seamless web3 interoperability. Hong Kong residents can easily access their digital assets, including Ethereum-based ones like Opensea, through MyLink’s exclusive digital wallet “LinKey.”

China Mobile Hong Kong (CMHK) has collaborated with various sectors to release over 30 NFTs on LinkNFT, including 20 commemorative editions from the MyLink ArLink series and 15 NFTs associated with publishers and music platforms like Migu Music. The total number of NFT issuance is expected to exceed 500,000.

MyLink’s Metaverse digital space has also been upgraded to a comprehensive 3D immersive experience, allowing Hong Kong citizens to create their digital homes and explore a virtual Hong Kong city with various facilities like shopping malls and exhibition halls. This upgrade enables citizens to convert their Meta IDs into NFTs, fostering a unique digital community within the web3 ecosystem.

Mr. Tan Hui, Executive Director of MyLink, says the new venture will allow enterprises to offer novel consumer rights through various NFTs while users enjoy collectible and circulation value. 

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