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How Rejuve is Using AI and Blockchain to Improve Health and Longevity

How Rejuve is Using AI and Blockchain to Improve Health and Longevity

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The company called Rejuve is using artificial intelligence (AI) and cryptocurrency to improve individuals’ health and longevity.

According to the website, Rejuve is “harnessing the prowess of sophisticated AI” to create intricate, dynamic models of human bodily functions.

The AI framework will include data from the Rejuve Network participants and biological and medical databases.

Rejuve CEO Jasmine Smith told Decrypt that,

“Just being able to have that personalized medicine theme kind of propagates more via AI because it can analyze the data and assist clinical providers in their decision-making.”

The waitlist for the company’s Longevity App is now open. It will be available on iOS and Android, allowing users to submit personal health details from sources like surveys, lab results, and wearables.

Individuals will be able to monitor essential health metrics to improve their lifespan, with the app also offering tailored health recommendations.

Along the way, users and other contributors will be earning the company’s RJV tokens. These are the Longevity App’s official utility tokens, redeemable at the app’s Rewards Store.

They unlock discounts on medical tests, longevity therapies, supplements, travel, and other benefits.

Predicting Outcomes

​The core of Rejuve.AI’s approach is a suite of AI models, the company said. These models are intricately designed to harness vast amounts of medical and biological data, transforming it into actionable insights and effective therapies.

It further noted its partnership with the blockchain-harnessing decentralized AI marketplace SingularityNET. “By leveraging SingularityNET’s open AI platform and tools, Rejuve.AI is positioned at the forefront of decentralized health research,” it said.

Given the vast and ever-growing volume of medical research data, the company utilizes advanced AI that “translates this data into tangible insights and solutions.”

Furthermore, it uses the Bayesian Network – a statistical tool that enables the team to model complex relationships in data and infer potential outcomes.

This network is not just about understanding data, it added. It predicts data.

“In the realm of Rejuve.AI, it plays a pivotal role in deciphering intricate biological pathways and potential health outcomes, paving the way for more informed and personalized health strategies.”

Rejuve also uses the Generative Cooperative Network (GCN), which it says facilitates the creation of more accurate and diverse datasets.

The systems within GCN include:

  • Transformer Variational Autoencoder: an advanced generative neural network option. It is designed to forecast pivotal health states directly linked to lifespan. One of its core applications is embedded within the longevity app’s age calculator.
  • LongevityGPT: looks deep into an individual’s life, analyzing dietary habits, allergies, work dynamics, environmental contexts, and more.

Decentralized Longevity Research

Rejuve says it established a decentralized collaboration of researchers, clinics, and data enthusiasts. They share medical, lifestyle, and biological data through the Rejuve.AI platform.

This team works to contribute to pioneering research in aging and longevity. Its members are committed to ensuring that “the innovative outcomes are both affordable and accessible.”

All Rejuve Network members are “proportionally rewarded” with RJV tokens for their contributions.

Meanwhile, the sister company, Rejuve Biotech, uses this collective data to “pioneer experimental therapies and bring them to the commercial forefront.”

Rejuve was founded in 2018 by its Chief AI Scientist Ben Goertzel, hiring its CEO Jasmine Smith and CTO Deborah Duong in 2021. The following year, it launched the Longevity App Beta, and this year, it launched its token.

Per the roadmap, it plans to launch the app in 2024, along with a research program and premium subscriptions. 2025 will bring personalized longevity plans, and 2026 will see studies and clinical trials on the platform.

Meanwhile, earlier in December, Rejuve.AI partnered with crypto payment gateway NOWPayments. The latter supports 50 cryptocurrencies and has added RJV.

“With NOWPayments integration, we’re empowering our full roster of 11 partners on the Longevity App’s Rewards Store to accept cryptocurrency payments — in the form of RJV — for their range of longevity-focused offerings,” the company said.

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