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X account of p2e game DeFi Kingdoms compromised

X account of p2e game DeFi Kingdoms compromised

The DeFi Kingdoms X page has apparently been hacked promoting what appears to be a phishing website.

In an X post on Jan. 9, an account for DFK Chain, an Avalanche Subnet crafted for DeFi Kingdoms, said that the play-to-earn game’s X account fell victim to a hacker attack, leading to the publishing of phishing links.

While the exact method of compromising the account remains unclear, @DreamerDFK, the president of Kingdom Studios, disclosed in a separate post that the security breach was related to an X security issue, distinct from DFK Chain and its Discord.

In a fraudulent post on DeFi Kingdoms’ X account, scammers attempt to lure victims into clicking on a link that closely mimics the official domain of the game. The full scope of the attack remains uncertain, as DeFi Kingdoms has not yet regained access to its X account.

Launched in 2021, DeFi Kingdoms is a video game built on the DFK Chain featuring pixel art style with tokenized resources, and support for in-game non-fungible tokens (NFTs) integrated with defi protocols. The game utilizes the JEWEL token for gas fees on the DFK Chain.

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