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AI and Blockchain Experts Form ‘Anime Chain’ Preparatory Committee + More Crypto News

AI and Blockchain Experts Form ‘Anime Chain’ Preparatory Committee + More Crypto News

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In this edition:

  • AI and Blockchain Experts Form “Anime Chain” Preparatory Committee
  • DigiFT Crypto News: HashKey Capital’s Portfolio Companies Get Regulated Access to Treasury Management
  • XRP Healthcare Becomes XRPL Validator, Announces IPO


AI and Blockchain Experts Form “Anime Chain” Preparatory Committee


and blockchain experts in Japan have established the “Anime Chain” Preparatory Committee. It aims to provide a generative AI, including the foundation model exclusively with opt-in training data. Importantly, data legitimacy is ensured through blockchain technology, the announcement said.

Per the blog post, this is in response to current copyright and ethical issues associated with generative AI.

The roadmap consists of three steps. Step 2 will see the use of a token “or similar methods for OSS developers and content creators to circulate, return, and visualize value, and provide financial support for development and production.”

Step 3 will see the creation of a standalone blockchain, and the autonomous decentralization of the management organization.

The committee plans to expand the content ecosystem from the traditional focus on Europe, America, and Asia, to a more global ecosystem. This includes regions such as the Middle East and Africa.

“With the realization of this initiative, we aim to set up a production environment where creators and companies can use generative AI safely and securely, free from copyright and ethical concerns,” the team said.

Also, they want to help resolve the labor shortage in anime production, which is an issue for the entire industry.

This initiative aims to expand the content ecosystem and set up an environment where creators can continually engage in production and maximize their earnings, it said.

“We plan to return the earnings from the content produced by generative AI not only to the creators but also to the rights holders of the training data based on the history of generation recorded on the blockchain.”

DigiFT Crypto News: HashKey Capital’s Portfolio Companies Get Regulated Access to Treasury Management


, a regulated exchange for on-chain real-world assets (RWA) licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), announced it will be offering regulated treasury management and diversified investment services for institutional asset manager HashKey Capital’s portfolio companies.

Per the announcement shared with Cryptonews, the partnership is addressing a market gap in treasury management.

Under the strategic partnership, DigiFT will customize and tailor asset packages accordingly to the needs of HashKey Capital’s portfolio companies.

HashKey Capital’s portfolio companies will stand to benefit from DigiFT’s products. Especially as they look to maximise the business runway and reduce cash burn, the announcement said.

“As the first licensed on-chain RWA exchange in Singapore, DigiFT’s solutions address the gap of secure and reliable treasury management and investment offerings from licensed institutions,” it stated.

Mia Mai, Portfolio Lead of HashKey Capital said that collaboration serves a dual purpose. Firstly, it provides HashKey’s ecosystem projects with secure and compliant financial products. Secondly, it paves the way for industry-wide standards, promoting the adoption of regulatory-centric digital asset management practices.

Henry Zhang, Founder and CEO of DigiFT said that the exchange is taking its partnership with HashKey Capital to the next level.

“We’re certain our partnership with HashKey Capital will imbue the much-needed regulatory compliance around the evolving digital asset ecosystem,” he said. “DigiFT will continue providing regulated pathways for RWAs including fixed-income products, and expand our offerings to encompass various asset classes for an on-chain financial future.”

XRP Healthcare Becomes XRPL Validator, Announces IPO

XRP Healthcare

has announced its recent attainment of a position as one of the select worldwide Validator nodes on the XRPL (XRP Ledger) network. This strategic advancement underscores XRP Healthcare’s dedication to transparency, it said.

The concept of Validator nodes on the XRP Ledger dates back to the inception of Ripple Labs. This is the entity behind the development of the XRPL.

Validator nodes play a pivotal role in the XRPL network by participating in the consensus process, validating transactions, and maintaining the integrity of the decentralized ledger.

“Being recognized as a Validator on the XRPL network is a significant milestone for XRP Healthcare. It reflects our dedication to ensuring a secure and transparent healthcare ecosystem powered by blockchain technology,” said Kain Roomes, Founder at XRP Healthcare.

XRP Healthcare also announced plans for an Initial Public Offering (IPO) in the near future. As mentioned in the XRP Healthcare Roadmap. “This revelation underscores the project’s long-term vision and commitment to sustained growth, as it continues to pioneer advancements in healthcare and blockchain integration,” it added.

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