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Hacker Breaches Law Enforcement System of Binance & Coinbase

Hacker Breaches Law Enforcement System of Binance & Coinbase

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Recent cybersecurity breaches have targeted the law enforcement request systems of prominent tech giants including Google, Meta, and TikTok, and major crypto exchanges like Binance and Coinbase.

According to a report by InfoStealers, a notable rise in cybersecurity threats has led to hackers infiltrating the law enforcement request systems of leading tech and crypto companies. The perpetrator, known by the alias “Tamagami”, has reportedly accessed these systems for user data.

BreachForum Ads Reveal Sale of User Data

The hacker published ads to profit from their illegal access to user data on the cybercrime forum BreachForum, a platform that emerged as a replacement for RaidForums after it was closed and seized in 2022.

“Hello BreachForums, I’m selling a Facebook / Instagram (Meta) – Law Enforcement Request System account. You can EDR any Facebook / Instagram / Oculus account and get your data within 8 hours,” said the hacker.

“Tamagami” listed two options to monetize the account by offering one-time requests priced at $500 and complete access to the account at a price to be negotiated.

The hacker also published ads claiming that they have acquired access to Kodex Global, a law enforcement system that can request information from Binance, Coinbase, as well as LinkedIn, Discord, Tinder, and Chainlink. The access to Kodex was priced at $300 per request and $5,000 for the account.

Previously, Hudson Rock determined that cybercriminals frequently infiltrate law enforcement systems by leveraging credentials compromised through Infostealer malware infections, which usually belonged to officials who have inadvertently allowed their computers to be breached.

Hudson Rock suggested that the hacker probably accessed the systems using a set of compromised credentials. This assertion is supported by the threat actor’s history of posts on a cybercrime forum, highlighting their skill in exploiting a service purported to be legal, known as IntelX.

Hacker Offers Binance Law Enforcement Request Panel Access for $10,000 Bitcoin

In December 2023, a similar incident occurred when a hacker named “Miembro” published a post on BreachForum to sell Binance’s Law Enforcement Request Panel for $10,000 Bitcoin.

“Miembro” revealed that the portal usually processes requests in a timeframe of three to seven days, providing users with the ability to make “unlimited requests.”

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