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White House Finds Digital Assets, DLT Vital for National Security

White House Finds Digital Assets, DLT Vital for National Security

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A White House policy group highlighted critical emerging technologies for US national security in an updated report on Monday.

The Fast Track Action Subcommittee’s report categorized distributed ledger technologies (DLT), digital assets, and digital payment technologies under “data privacy, data security, and cybersecurity technologies.” Additionally, it included privacy-enhancing technologies, artificial intelligence, advanced computing, and human-machine interfaces as other important areas.

Tuesday’s list isn’t the first mention of digital assets by the policy group — although the categorization has been updated.

Emerging Tech Areas Offer Insights Into Investments

The National Science and Technology Council first established the subcommittee in 2020. Its purpose was to pinpoint critical and emerging technologies for national security purposes. In its last update in 2022, the unit categorized digital assets and DLT under “financial technologies.”

Divyansh Kaushik, associate director for emerging technologies at the Federation of American Scientists, highlighted that the list offers insight into how both Congress and the executive branch prioritize investments and talent development in specific domains.

Roadmap to Technological Leadership

The list highlights innovative technologies shaping American innovation and bolstering national security. It also serves as a roadmap for enhancing US technological leadership, fostering alliances, attracting diverse talent, and addressing security threats.

“This list supports our ongoing efforts to grow and strengthen US technological leadership,” Stephen Welby, OSTP Deputy Director for National Security, said in a statement.

“It will also be a useful resource as we continue to engage allies and partners to ensure that CETs yield tangible benefits for society and are aligned with our democratic values.”

The White House’s focus on emerging tech impacts industry policies and asset values. For instance, President Biden’s Executive Order on AI affected crypto markets last year, leading to a drop in AI-related token values.

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