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MicroStrategy’s Bitcoin Holdings Now Worth Over $10 Billion

MicroStrategy’s Bitcoin Holdings Now Worth Over $10 Billion

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MicroStrategy, the largest corporate owner of bitcoins, possesses over $10 billion worth of the cryptocurrency as of Thursday morning.

According to MicroStrategy’s Q4 2023 Financial Results presentation, published on February 6, the company has made a profit of over $4 billion on its Bitcoin holdings as the cryptocurrency continues its recent surge.

MicroStrategy’s Bitcoin Holdings

At the end of January, MicroStrategy held 190,000 bitcoins, purchased for a total of $5.93 billion, or $31,224 per coin, according to the presentation.

MicroStrategy began purchasing bitcoins in the second quarter of 2020 and has consistently added to its holdings every quarter since. By December 2023, the company had accumulated a profit of almost $2 billion. However, this figure has now doubled due to Bitcoin’s rally of over 20% since the beginning of 2024.

Bitcoin surged to $52,800 early on Thursday, elevating the value of MicroStrategy’s holdings to slightly over $10 billion. The price has since experienced a minor pullback and is currently trading at $52,072 at the time of writing.

MicroStrategy founder and chairman Michael Saylor revealed in January that the company had acquired an additional 850 bitcoins for $37.2 million.

The price of bitcoin has see-sawed over the previous month as several traditional financial institutions like BlackRock and Fidelity introduced the recently approved spot Bitcoin ETFs.

Saylor Says Bitcoin ETFs Are Responsible for Bitcoin Surge

Saylor recently said that the listing of spot Bitcoin ETFs is contributing to the increase in the token’s price. He noted that the introduction of ETFs has created a significant imbalance in supply and demand, driven by a decade of pent-up demand for a retail-accessible bitcoin product.

“There’s ten times as much demand for bitcoin coming into these ETFs as there is supply coming from the natural sellers who are the miners,” he said in an interview with CNBC.

According to Saylor, Bitcoin is currently in demand because it remains “uncorrelated to traditional risk assets” and is not tied to the fortunes of any specific country, company, quarterly results, or product cycle.

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