Home Blockchain Injective Partners with DojoSwap to Launch CW-404 Standard, Inspired by ERC-404

Injective Partners with DojoSwap to Launch CW-404 Standard, Inspired by ERC-404

Injective Partners with DojoSwap to Launch CW-404 Standard, Inspired by ERC-404

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Injective CW-404

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On February 23, Injective Protocol announced a strategic partnership with DojoSwap to launch the CW-404 standard, a groundbreaking token standard inspired by ERC-404. This collaboration aims to foster innovation and interoperability within the decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem.

‘Semi-fungible’ Tokens Find A Place to Flourish

Injective announced this update in a post on X (formerly Twitter), stating that the CW-404 standard is a portable version of the experimental ERC-404 token standard and offers users access to ‘semi-fungible’ tokens.

Like ERC-404, CW-404 combines two existing token types – the CW-20 (fungible assets, divisible like money) and CW-721 (non-fungible tokens, unique and rare items) token standards.

The CW-404 token standard opens many possibilities for the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) space. Users get to own fractional shares of NFTs, unlock liquidity in their digital collectibles, and trade them as regular fungible assets. This allows Web3 users to tap into the unique attributes of both token standards all in one place.

Speaking on the potential of the token standard, the Injective Protocol noted that it would help spawn a legion of new decentralized applications (dApps) that are not possible outside its ecosystem.

The Injective blockchain is a new generation of decentralized solutions that leverage Cosmos’ Tendermint Consensus mechanism to offer unparalleled transaction speed at a fraction of the cost.

The platform, supported by industry giants like Binance and Pantera Capital, allows users to build and access top-tier Web3 applications all in one place.

Sushi Fighter NFT Collection Will Be First CW-404

To maintain prominence, Injective Protocol launched a dedicated NFT collection to complement the CW-404 announcement and ensure the new token standard gains crucial traction.

The collection, named the Sushi Fighter NFT collection, will be the first digital collectible to use the CW-404 token standard on Injective.

According to the Sushi Fighter NFT team, the digital collectible will aid in propelling Injective (INJ) based NFTs into the global blockchain scene for mass acceptance.

On the other end of the spectrum, the ERC-404 token standard is gaining massive traction even though it is still in its experimental stages. In a post on X, the world’s largest crypto exchange, Binance announced support for ERC-404 power digital assets and 24 new dApps on its Web3 Wallet service.

This development follows the launch of the Binance Inscriptions Marketplace for trading NFTs on the platform.

Meanwhile, in the broader NFT market, there continues to be strong interest in this digital asset subsector. According to data from CoinMarketCap, the NFT market is currently valued at over $7.5 billion and is still growing.

As expected, the Ethereum blockchain projects like BAYC and PudgyPenguins lead the pack. Injective’s step into the landscape could introduce another player into a highly competitive landscape.

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