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Warren Calls Republican Opponent Deaton’s Campaign a “Threat”

Warren Calls Republican Opponent Deaton’s Campaign a “Threat”

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Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) referred to Republican opponent John Deaton’s campaign as a “threat” as she called on supporters to help fund her campaign against him, newly surfaced emails from the politician over the past week reveal.

Warren Launches Email Campaign in Fight for Senate Seat

Deaton, a noteworthy attorney from Rhode Island, moved specifically to Massachusetts to challenge Warren for her seat in the Senate.

“We should expect more from our representatives in Washington than simply checking a box by changing their address,” one email with the logo “Warren for Senate” reads in part. “We can’t expect someone from out of state to swoop in from out of state and get the job done – but we also can’t underestimate this threat.”

Originally revealed in a February 22 post to X by journalist Elanor Terrett, the emails show that Warren has gone as far as reaching out to Senator Chris Murphy’s (D-CT) donor base to drum up support for her campaign.

“Apparently, the MAGA Republican machine couldn’t find a single Republican in Massachusetts to run against me – so they brought in someone from Rhode Island who will have the backing of the GOP and special interest groups,” an email allegedly from the Connecticut Senator read.

“The Crypto Lobby Has Put A Target On My Back”

The latest communications from Warren’s camp came shortly after the Senator claimed she “wasn’t afraid” of Deaton’s challenge but will “need to prepare” to adequately fight his campaign.

In the same email, Warren alleged that “the crypto lobby has put a target on my back” following her stance for increased regulation in the sector, with the Senator even penning a scathing letter to a number of key players in the crypto industry.

Warren has been an outspoken advocate against crypto and recently proposed the Digital Asset Anti-Money Laundering Act (DAAMLA) which critics argue will negatively impact the crypto industry by broadening the Bank Secrecy Act to apply to digital assets.

“We believe the enormous costs of stifling blockchain development in the United States by applying the Bank Secrecy Act to individual participants and users will far outweigh any benefits,” a reply to Warren from the Blockchain Association reads. “Blockchain Association and the individuals that make up its membership intend to continue to exercise our Constitutional rights petitioning the government and speaking freely on this issue.”

Where Deaton Stands On Crypto

Deaton, on the other hand, previously gained notoriety for his role as a lawyer in the SEC v. Ripple case.

Unlike Warren, Deaton has a long track record of advocacy across the crypto sector, having recently praised Grayscale for its landmark court victory against the SEC.

Democratic and Republican primaries in Massachusetts will be held on September 3, 2024.

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