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Uniswap Unveils Web Extension and Tools to Improve Transactions

Uniswap Unveils Web Extension and Tools to Improve Transactions

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Uniswap has launched a browser sidebar extension along with a limit order placement function and other tools to facilitate cryptocurrency transactions.

According to a recent blog post by Uniswap, the decentralized crypto exchange has facilitated nearly $2 trillion in transaction volume, attracting millions of users. To further improve the user experience, Uniswap is expanding its product suite.

Uniswap Extension: “It’s Like Magic”

The Uniswap Extension introduces a new way to interact with digital assets directly from a browser sidebar, streamlining the process of swapping digital assets, signing transactions, and trading.

“Let’s be real — most wallet extensions are stuck in the past, with old UX paradigms and clunky onboarding flows,” said Uniswap on social media. “That’s why we built our own.”

“With Uniswap Extension you’ll be able to swap, sign transactions, and send or receive crypto anywhere on the web,” said Uniswap. “Everything is right there in your sidebar — exactly where you need it to be.”

The platform introduced a waitlist for users interested in the beta version of its browser extension. Access will be granted based on the order in which users claim their uni.eth usernames, with notifications about waitlist status provided through the Uniswap mobile app.

Limit Orders and More Charts

The update also included a Limit Orders feature, allowing users to automate buying or selling cryptos at predetermined prices.

This tool was designed to execute trades when the market hits a user-defined price, or let the order expire if the price isn’t met within a specified duration, up to one year. This feature, supported by UniswapX, eliminates gas fees for setting up and completing Limit Orders.

The analytical capabilities were also enhanced by integrating updated Token Detail Pages and new Pool Detail Pages into its web app.

These additions offer users real-time charts, transaction logs, pool data, and comprehensive project information, integrating seamlessly into the swapping process. Users can now conduct in-depth research, access critical market data, and directly engage in transactions from these detailed pages.

“We aren’t just helping people swap,” stated Uniswap. “We’re helping them swap smarter with a unified platform that enables faster, safer, more informed swapping.”

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