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Avail’s Goldberg Testnet Surpasses 100 Million Transactions

Avail’s Goldberg Testnet Surpasses 100 Million Transactions

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Avail’s Goldberg testnet has successfully processed over 100 million transactions, marking a pivotal achievement in its preparation for a mainnet launch.

According to the latest social media post by Avail, the Avail DA Goldberg testnet successfully processed over 100 million transactions. Based on the message shared with Cryptonews.com, the 100 million milestone is a “highly reliable indicator that the mainnet blockchain can handle real-world network load.”

To ensure that the test activity would accurately reflect human usage, the testnet integrated Gitcoin Passport to prevent bots and Sybil attacks.

“Clash of Nodes” Testnet

Avail recently introduced “Clash of Nodes,” an incentivized testnet designed to rigorously validate the network through the participation of validators, light client operators, and the broader community.

This initiative served not only as a platform for engagement and competition but also played a key role in stress-testing Avail’s infrastructure. It was set to secure a trust-minimized base layer focused on data availability.

The testnet leveraged the capabilities of validators to consistently validate and produce blocks, powering the core functionality of the network.

“Clash of Nodes” is open to participation from all interested parties, offering various tasks such as balance transfers and identity checks to contribute to network testing.

Avail Raises $27 Million in Seed Round

On Feb. 26, Avail announced that it has secured $27 million in an early-stage funding round, with significant contributions from Peter Thiel’s Founders Fund and Dragonfly Capital. Other participants in the round included SevenX, Figment, Nomad Capital, among other angel investors.

The infusion of funds came at a critical time for Avail, as it sought to expand its technological offerings and solidify its position within the web3 sector.

“Avail is laying a foundation for a fundamentally integrated blockchain future where separate ecosystems can implement their own technology and scaling solutions while remaining connected via a trust-minimized and secure coordination layer,” said the company.

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