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China Expands Digital Yuan Accessibility Through Hardware Wallet

China Expands Digital Yuan Accessibility Through Hardware Wallet

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China Expands Digital Yuan Accessibility Through Hardware Wallet

The Qingdao branch of the Bank of China (BOC) has rolled out a new payment option for Qingdao’s metro transit system through digital yuan hardware wallets.

According to the local news outlet Dazhong, this initiative introduces a “deferred payment” system that allows travelers to use the public transit service first and pay later with the hardware wallet featured enabled on users’ smartphones.

Developed under the guidance of the BOC Currency Research Institute and in partnership with China Telecom, China Unicom, and Digital Finance Public Service, users can complete payments without access to internet or even power via BOC’s, Telecom’s, or Unicom’s digital yuan apps.

The system, complying with national transportation and financial security guidelines, pioneered the use of central bank digital currency (CBDC) in China’s metro sector, adopting Near Field Communication (NFC).

Enhancing Digital Yuan Wallets with NFC

The Chinese smartphone manufacturer Oppo has recently upgraded its wallet app, linking e-CNY accounts while providing users more means of payment other than official digital yuan apps.

To further enhance NFC payments, China Mobile, China Telecom, and China Unicom have introduced Super SIM cards that store digital yuan account information.

Beijing Business Today previously reported that users can upgrade their SIM cards to Super SIM without changing their numbers. When they launch the e-CNY app with the Super SIM inserted, they can seamlessly link their SIM-stored accounts to the app.

At the current stage, only Android phones support the Super SIM function. Depending on the availability of the vendor, users with Super SIM will be able to pay contactless without internet connection and power, too. Other NFC features like car keys will also be viable.

Guangzhou to Improve Payment Experience for International Tourists

The Government of Guangzhou Municipality recently published an announcement to improve the accessibility of digital currency for international tourists.

“Banks need to intensify their efforts in expanding digital yuan application scenarios, enriching the usage scenarios of digital yuan for international travelers,” the announcement reads.

“They should deploy digital yuan hardware wallet foreign currency exchange machines in key areas and promote their application, enhancing the convenience of digital yuan usage for inbound travelers,” said the government.

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