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Ant Group’s ZAN Becomes Core Chain’s Validator

Ant Group’s ZAN Becomes Core Chain’s Validator

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Ant Group’s ZAN Becomes Core Chain’s Validator

Ant Group’s Web3 security solutions provider ZAN has become a validator on Core Chain – EVM-compatible blockchain secured on Bitcoin.

The strategic partnership with validators reinforces blockchains’ security and decentralization, Core Foundation told Cryptonews via mail.

Core Foundation that aims to create a secure and decentralized ecosystem for dApps, has become one of the first projects to leverage ZAN’s enterprise node service.

Alibaba’s Ant Group revealed its blockchain development brand ZAN in September last year, with a focus on serving institutional and individual clients in overseas markets, particularly Hong Kong and Singapore.

According to Core Initial contributor Brendon Sedo, the collaboration aims to fortify security and champion decentralization across the Asia-Pacific region.

“This collaboration marks a significant milestone for both Core and ZAN as validator partners,” Sedo noted. “This partnership is just the beginning – we look forward to fostering more collaborations in the region with ZAN and demonstrating our commitment and enthusiasm for Asia’s dynamic BTCfi landscape.”

Further, Core claims to be the first BTC DeFi project to integrate ZEN’s technology, with the recent rise of layer 2 BTC projects.

Collab Aims to Foster Decentralization Across APAC Region

Core also emphasized that leveraging ZAN’s technology would help enhance Core Chain’s scalability and reaffirm its dedication to decentralization.

Additionally, the partnership would strengthen Core Chain’s ties with the Asian tech community, pushing wider community engagement, the company added.

Ethan Duo, CTO at ZAN highlighted the shared goals and commitment to advance the blockchain ecosystem through the partnership.

“We believe our concerted efforts will empower users across the Asia-Pacific region and significantly advance the influence of blockchain technology,” Duo told Cryptonews.

Core Foundation recently launched an NFT marketplace – Wizard Gallery – aiming to provide users with seamless NFT minting and trading, operating on Core Chain. The marketplace boasts hosting more than 20,000 NFTs created by over 50 artists.

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