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Union Labs Partners with Lava, Introduces RPC Campaign

Union Labs Partners with Lava, Introduces RPC Campaign

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The sovereign interoperability layer Union Labs has partnered with Lava to initiate an incentive Remote Procedure Call (RPC) campaign.

According to a press release shared with Cryptonews.com, the incentivized public RPC campaign, also known as ipRPC, will offer a rewards pool worth $100,000 in token value. The partnership will establish Lava as the modular RPC and access layer, connecting users to Union’s testnet.

Union Labs’ Campaign for Community Growth

After the planned summer launch of Union’s mainnet, node operators will have the chance to serve as Union RPC providers via Lava, which will centralize access for developers into one portal.

Participants in the campaign will be eligible for a portion of the rewards pool, which will be distributed over a three-month period starting from the projected provisional launch date. Additional timeline details are set to be released in the second quarter.

“Lava’s alignment with our standards for security, speed, and reliability, make this partnership a natural fit – one that’s beneficial to our entire community,” said Union Labs founder and CEO Karel Kubat.

“The speed at which Lava Network operates is critical for Web3 applications, which often need hundreds of RPC calls for a single screen to function smoothly and update data in real-time,” stated Kubat.

Partnership with Lava for Enhanced UX

According to the release, Lava offers high-availability and low-latency access to various blockchains. The network routes relays to the most suitable nodes according to user geolocation, enhancing user experience.

Kubat noted that the focus on speed and security is perceived essential, not just from a technical standpoint since RPC is necessary for effective network interaction, but also as a key factor in enhancing user experience and supporting the growth of the ecosystem.

“As blockchain adoption continues to grow, access and interoperability are the two key factors for scaling onboarding. Lava and Union share a vision to let developers build whatever, wherever,” concluded Lava co-founder and CEO Yair Cleper.

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