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P2P.org Introduces SaaB Model, Surpasses $7.5 Billion TVL

P2P.org Introduces SaaB Model, Surpasses $7.5 Billion TVL

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P2P.org Introduces SaaB Model, Surpasses $7.5 Billion TVL

P2P.org has announced to launch its Staking-as-a-Business (SaaB) model as its total value locked (TVL) surpasses $7.5 billion.

According to a press release shared with Cryptonews.com, P2P.org, a validator for Ethereum and 30 other blockchains, has exceeded $7.5 billion in TVL and has more than 1 million Ethereum staked, ranking it as a major institutional staking platform in terms of TVL.

P2P.org to Provide Comprehensive Services

The announced SaaB model aimed at enabling exchanges, wallet providers, and custodians to integrate staking and decentralized finance (DeFi) services into their platforms, facilitating new growth opportunities.

The press included that the model would cater to the evolving demands of the crypto ecosystem by providing advanced staking infrastructure and comprehensive support services, including marketing, legal, and sales.

For sales and marketing, the SaaB will collaborate with the partners to expand into new markets and onboard new clients.

When it comes to legal support, the platform is set to provide expertise in navigating the complex regulatory landscape of blockchain services such as node distribution.

Regarding product development, P2P.org planned to kick off joint development initiatives to tailor staking services that align with partners’ unique needs and goals.

“At P2P.org, we envision a future where growth is propelled by mutual collaboration. Our SaaB model is designed to catalyze this vision, providing a comprehensive suite of supporting services such as sales, marketing and legal support,” said P2P.org CEO Alex Esin.

“This is not just a service or a solution; it’s a partnership model that helps businesses to scale by integrating new DeFi and Staking services into their platforms,” stated Esin.

Partnership Beyond Conventional Relationship

Artemiy Parshakov, Head of Product, added to the uniqueness of the services provided, saying that the company’s approach has gone beyond the conventional vendor-client relationship.

“We are fully invested in the success of our partners, even offering marketing budgets to support their launch,” said Parshakov. “This holistic support ensures a smooth transition for businesses venturing into staking & Defi services, guaranteeing a successful and profitable implementation.”

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